"The 17th century was the age of stone. The 18th century was the peak of brick. The 19th century was the era of iron. The 20th century was the century of concrete. The 21st century will be the time for timber." Alex de Rijke, of dRMM Architects, European leaders of engineered timber buildings since 2000.

Responsibly sourced and sustainably harvested timber is probably the most environmentally friendly building material for the future. One of its many advantages is that it is an excellent replacement for energy-intensive materials such as concrete or steel because whilst trees soak up carbon and lock it away, concrete and steel emit carbon into the increasingly fragile environment.

Additionally new cutting-edge timber technology has played a major role in the development of innovative, ‘new’ timbers  that have the strength and resilience of other building materials but with the added warmth and stylishness only timber can offer.

One of these ‘new’ timbers is ecofriendly, high performance Rhino Wood. Created from locally grown and sustainably managed, carbon-negative plantation pine, it has qualities that match, and sometimes even exceed, the sought after properties of endangered hardwoods like Balau, Mahogany and Teak.  In short, these new timbers such as modified Rhino Wood offer a more than viable and sustainable replacement for threatened rainforests. It simply does not make sense to cut down a 100 year old tree to build a deck for your Weber!


Rhino Wood stands apart from other modified timbers because of its unique, patented and completely natural 2-phase modification. It’s a process that permanently changes the properties of the raw pine to create a stable, durable long-lasting building material. After the thermal heat and steam modification process, the timber is pressure impregnated with a natural wax compound that plugs the naturally occurring voids in the cells to increase stability and durability. 


Rhino Wood has been tested for a number of performance characteristics both locally and abroad. Please view the tests conducted to date by various institutions by clicking on this link:

A seamless architectural profile can also be delivered thanks to the secret fix profile that conceals nails and screws giving Rhino Wood a flawless appearance.

What’s more, this new age timber is practically maintenance-free (left to nature it gradually weathers into a beautiful grey patina) and easy to install making it ideal for most residential and lightweight commercial applications.  

Rhino Wood is available in various sizes and finishes to suit different applications and requirements; custom sizes are available on request.


Indoor and outdoor, Decking, Cladding, Pergolas, walk and stairways and larger timber constructions where laminated beams are required


Dimensionally stable, Chemical Free, Durable, Resilient, Low maintenance, Fungal and rot resistant, Wood borer and termite resistant, Multi-functional

“I’ve never seen anybody walk into one of my buildings and hug a steel or a concrete column. But I’ve actually seen that happen in a wood building,”  Michael Green, Vancouver architect


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