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Innovative natural ventilation control solution launched

Maintaining precise control over indoor air quality, temperature and energy consumption are key considerations for buildings using natural ventilation (NV) systems and SE Controls’ new compact NVLogiQ room controller provides an innovative solution to meet these requirements.

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Nature-inspired bathroom elegance

Achieving a look that encompasses both the best design aspect of modern minimalism, as well as influences from Mother Nature, is the optimum way to achieve a bathroom that is bang on trend and stylish for 2015. So says Jasmin … Read the rest

Property value goes way beyond the garden fence

It’s no coincidence that the best neighbourhoods with the best property values are generally the best kept, says Laurie Wener, MD Pam Golding Properties (PGP) in the Western Cape metro region. “Raising values can be as straightforward as co-operating with … Read the rest

A perfect mix of acrylic and wood

A new trend among some of the world’s top interior designers is to blend acrylic pieces with wood. Acryluso’s custom designed tables create a unique look of contrast and depth, balancing modern stylish design with classic timeless materials.

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