Melrose Arch is steps ahead in EcoMobility

In October the City of Johannesburg will host the second EcoMobility World Festival, but EcoMobility is far from a new phenomenon in the city, in fact the city broke new ground in EcoMobility over a decade ago with the development … Read the rest

Why collaboration is key to low-carbon cities

Paula Kirk, Arup Energy and Climate Change Leader and Justin Wimbush, Associate, Energy, South Africa discusses why cities need to take the lead in tackling climate change, and why public, private and civil society partnerships will be critical to their … Read the rest

SEVENONS launches in Cape Town

SEVENONS is quite simply about layers. This was achieved by essentially slicing the building into horizontal sections. The result is a building where each storey has a distinct character.

The base layer was seen as the heavier grounding Read the rest