Are you geared up to disrupt?

“Yes, we are in an era of disruption, we have entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution. My Africa, we won’t sleep through it. For as Patrice Lumumba once wrote, one day “Africa will write its own history… and it will be a history full of glory and dignity”, and that history is now.” – Abdullah Verachia

Fresh from TEDxEuston, where he earned a standing ovation with his heartfelt love letter to Africa, global strategist Abdullah Verachia will headline the first Entrepreneurship To The Point session of 2018 and explore what disruption means for Africa and its entrepreneurs.

Disregard disruption and you’re headed for disaster. Get too caught up in the hype of disruption and the outcome is the same. Verachia believes that any real disruption has to consider its end-user. For Africa, this means driving disruption to create an African future for the people of the continent.

But where does this leave business owners and entrepreneurs? First, we need to think critically about disruption in an African context and our own position in this dynamic space. At this not-to-be-missed Entrepreneurship To The Point gathering, Verachia will share insights to help entrepreneurs to gear themselves up for a disruptive African economy.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology represent some of the biggest areas of disruption for business today. With this in mind, the session will also explore the most important things for entrepreneurs to consider for their ventures to flourish in this age of disruption.

After the session, there will be time for questions, providing you with direct access to Verachia and the evening’s other inspirational speakers. You can also mingle and network with like-minded entrepreneurs and business people while enjoying light refreshments at this exciting new venue.

To the Point is brought to you by Property Point, a Growthpoint initiative.

Date:                           Thursday, 22 February 2018

Time:                           6pm to 8.30pm

Investment:              R150 per person, includes a light dinner

Venue:                         Impello Coworking Space, 139 Greenway Avenue, Greenside, Joburg

Booking essential: or email

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