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(..Continued from February 2018 issue of ADM…)

…single-storey homes are increasingly being converted to double-storey homes across high-rental yield areas. City authorities need to bring this trend to a tipping point, which will result in effective localised wealth redistribution, create … Read the rest


Sika – Sales exceed CHF6 billion, growth 8.9%

(..continued from the February 2018 issue of ADM..)

…with growth in local currencies amounting to 12.0% and organic growth coming in at 8.5%. The positive development of business in all regions, together with investments in new factories, the founding of … Read the rest

Are you geared up to disrupt?

“Yes, we are in an era of disruption, we have entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution. My Africa, we won’t sleep through it. For as Patrice Lumumba once wrote, one day “Africa will write its own history… and it will be Read the rest

Duality Drives Blok’s Latest Development

First Name