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Conceptual design of a cathedral in San-Pédro in Ivory Coast

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The final thesis of my architectural studis is a conceptual design of a cathedral in San-Pédro in Ivory Coast. My work has been driven by the idea of conjoining elements of the religiosity practiced by natives in the area of San-Pédro with the Christian principles of sacral architecture. The attempts of unification have taken place within the field of ceremonies, but only few architectural have been performed despite the fact that architecture is on the rise. The designing itself grew from the idea of universality which should grant the city the domination and shape noticeable and recognised from far away.
The studies have reached findings that theological elements of indigenous religiosity resemble the Christian ones, but differ substantially in the perception of God’s manifestation. Therefore the interior of the cathedral differs from its exterior considerably. The presbytery area is illuminated to a higher extent than the rest of the building, since the difference between the Christian God’s disclosure and the traditional religiosity basing on the secretive god needs special emphasis.

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