New Miniature Porcelain Mosaics

Why the obsession with miniature things?

Miniature Doberman Pinchers, miniature furniture or miniature make-up. Part of society are absolutely, positively thrilled with anything that looks like we have produced in minute format. Some say it’s because we can more easily control things that fit into the palm of our hand. Others say it’s a natural and opposite reaction to the need to supersize. For whatever reason it may be, we must be honest and say that we too are a little obsessed with something new and miniature! That is why Italtile is thrilled to introduce their latest range of miniature mosaics in the form of bevelled subway tiles.

Each piece measures a mini 45 x 95 mm, a mere half of the size of the standard, traditional subway tile. To make tiling easy, the tiles are placed on a mesh sheet that is easy to install.The range consists of 5 new glossy colours to choose from, including trendy Mint and Latte, as well as the more traditional Black, White and Cappuccino.

These mosaics are better used on the wall as a splashback or for the shower cubicle. If you like them as much as we do, you can even deck your entire pool or living area walls with this miniature marvel.

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