Sika introduces Sikaflex Crystal Clear

Sika is proud to announce the launch of new Sikaflex Crystal Clear, the optimum transparent sealant that can be used for all DIY and Contractor projects. Sikaflex Crystal Clear is a 1-component, transparent adhesive and sealant. Solvent-free, this multipurpose product complements the industry-renowned basket of Sikaflex -11 FC, Sikaflex Pro-3i and Sikaflex AT Façade.

Various Applications:

Sikaflex Crystal Clear is suitable for use on most surfaces including metal, glass, concrete, plaster, plasterboard, wood surfaces, painted enamel, polyester and plastics. It is ideal for use on transparent surfaces such as glass, plastic or acrylic, due to its crystal clear application, but will invisibly blend into any coloured surfaces as well.

Sikaflex Crystal Clear is a joint sealant that offers excellent workability on vertical and horizontal joints, connection joints as well as for caulking between partitions, sealing of metal and wood constructions, ventilations and soundproofing of pipes. The versatile product can be used whenever a transparent bond line is needed.

Unique Characteristics:

Sikaflex Crystal Clear is 100% crystal clear and transparent. It offers good workability and low shrinkage during cure. Especially designed for the home improvement sector, it is the ideal product to keep at home for most sealing or bonding jobs, but is perfect for contractors needing a transparent multipurpose adhesive.

Sikaflex Crystal Clear is waterproof and watertight so can be used for assured sealing in bathrooms, kitchens and areas exposed to moisture.

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