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The Digital Blacksmiths


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Brands and businesses in the market for innovative production services can now access a curated network of creative experts thanks to Blacksmith Collective, a premium production house with a network of over 200 creative partners across South Africa.

Blacksmith Collective is an innovative production collective specialising in content creation and creative problem solving. They have worked with top international brands, including Castle Lite, Castle Lager, Opel, Budweiser, Shell, Corona and Visa, and have collaborated with some of the biggest agencies in the industry, such as Ogilvy & Mather South Africa, King James II, Joe Public, Isobar and TBWA.

Founded by creative entrepreneurs Diogo Mendonça and Marcus von Geyso, Blacksmith Collective takes an unconventional approach to production which enables them to exceed clients’ expectations and deliver impressive results. continue reading about the Blacksmith Collective? Click here.

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