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The Modern Staircase

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“Stripcase” is a special staircase designed by Istanbul based Ofist created as a focal point and stands up as a central piece regarding both form and function in a  modern urban residence with very little furniture used around.

Apparently the previous staircase was not an ideal design piece both in terms of shape and appearance for such a modern, urban residence, which is situated in one of the new and busy residential and commercial areas of Istanbul.  

The aim of Ofist in this design is creating a functional staircase which was designed and formed to suit its location in the house. Considering its central position in the house’s layout, the design created as a focal point.  With very little furniture used around the house, the whole space ended up as a very light and serene environment where the staircase stands up as a central piece regarding both form and function.  

With client’s desire of light all through the house, the centrally located staircase turned out to be a stripped, see-through element.  In order to connect the two floors to each other, Ofist only used some fuzzy, horizontal layers.  When all needed amount of construction put together, the staircase formed itself like a space ship which has just landed and is about to fly away any time.

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