City of Johannesburg to roll out approach to separating recyclable materials.

The City of Johannesburg is going to roll out a phased approach to separating certain recyclable materials from other waste (separation at source) from 1 July 2018.

The separation of these items at source will become mandatory for households in an effort to reduce pollution and safeguard the environment.

Once a week, the city will supply all residents living in houses, security complexes, estates in the suburbs or townships, with a clear bag in which recyclable items must be disposed.

The bag will be for glass, plastic, paper, metal and clothes but any food contaminated items must be rinsed beforehand. Items that can’t be recycled and need to be binned in regular black bags, include polystyrene, light bulbs, food, rubber, batteries, nappies, tissues and pizza boxes. Plastic milk jugs can be recycled but milk cartons do not qualify.

Piki-tup will collect all refuse as normal and drop off a new bag once a week, so that residents can repeat the process. At this stage, the city says that there will be no penalties for those who refuse to comply but it is inevitable that they will be introduced once most residents are on board.

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