WSP celebrates 1 million m2 of Certified Green Space in Africa

Johannesburg, 18 June 2018 – WSP in Africa, one of the largest multi-disciplinary engineering consultancies on the continent, is celebrating a milestone million square meters (1 million m2) of Certified Green Space in Africa.

WSP sustainability consultants and engineers have been hard at work for over a decade; setting benchmarks and contributing to transforming the built space across Africa to become more resilient, sustainable, efficient and toward contributing to lower carbon economies.

“The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) was formed in 2007, to lead the way and providing guidance to green South Africa’s commercial property sector. At that time, we were trading as GreenByDesign, as part of the WSP group in Africa, and were working on the designs for the second phase of the Nedbank head office in Sandton. In 2009, this building was the first in South Africa, and Africa, to be certified and achieve a Green Star rating,” says Alison Groves, Regional Director, WSP, Building Services, Africa.

Groves notes that by 2011 there were already 15 Green Star rated buildings in South Africa. “Since then the industry is doubling exponentially every year and, as the GBCSA introduces more rating tools, the uptake for green buildings is sky rocketing. The green building uptake can also be seen throughout Africa where, to date, Green Building Councils have been established in Namibia, Zambia, Mauritius, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana.”

WSP teams of experts have played an active role in 50 Green Star rating certifications for 33 buildings in South Africa, and Africa. The company’s senior consultants and Green Star Accredited Professionals also continue to work closely with the Green Building Councils within Africa – consulting on the expansions for a number of the Green Star rating tools used in South Africa, and undertaking studies to ensure the necessary rating tools can be appropriately adjusted to fit within the local context conditions of other regions.

Mathieu du Plooy, Managing Director for WSP in Africa, said: “This is a remarkable milestone that we are exceptionally proud of. This achievement speaks directly to our commitment and ongoing contributions to the green building and sustainability space. It is also a demonstration of our uncompromising determination for excellence – to deliver complex and sustainable projects that contribute to impactful legacies for a future where society can thrive.”

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