WSP picks up two Green star Leadership Awards

South Africa, Johannesburg, 19 October 2017 – WSP in Africa, is pleased to announce the company received a Leading Company Award and that one of the company’s sustainability consultants received the Rising Green Star Award, during the Greenstar Leadership Awards ceremony that was hosted at the Green Building Convention in Cape Town on the 10th of October 2017.

“These accolades are a testament to the industry’s recognition of our ongoing contributions to the green building and sustainability space. We are exceptionally honoured by these accolades and proud of the ongoing achievements by our sustainability and consulting team,” said Alison Groves, Regional Director, WSP, Building Services, Africa.

WSP in Africa, one of the largest multi-disciplinary engineering consultancies that has been operating on the continent for over fifty years, has been consulting in the green building space for over ten-years and, to date, has been a key driver in 44 Green Star rating certifications for 30 buildings in South Africa, and Africa. Added to this, the company’s senior consultants, who are also Green Star Accredited Professional, have been working closing with the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) since its inception and been involved in the development of a number of the Green Star rating tools, that are used to rate buildings in the South African context. These consultants have also worked with the GBCSA on undertaking local context studies of a number of other regions within Africa that the necessary rating tools can be appropriately adjusted to fit within the local context conditions.

The Leading Company accolade is awarded to a company, or consulting company, with the highest number of Green Star rated buildings on their credentials and WSP was one of two companies who received the award this year. The Rising Green Star accolade is awarded to an individual younger than the age of thirty-five and who demonstrates significant potential to be a future leader in the green building movement. This year the accolade was awarded to Gregory Rice, sustainability consultant working within WSP’s GreenByDesign team.

The company’s Managing Director for Africa, Mathieu du Plooy, said: “We are really proud of these awards as they are a great indication of the company’s capabilities in the sustainability and consulting space. With our uncompromising determination for excellence and strong, forward-looking approaches, we’ll keep growing these capabilities in our business. And, continue to design places and cities that are smart and future proofed, as well as those that deliver complex and sustainable projects, paving the way for a future where society can thrive.”

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